Monday, July 28, 2014

291 - Turning 18

There's always good food around CBD - and there's always one of my favourite locations - the Tokio Marine building (see over 1.5 years ago when I dropped by SPR MKT for breakfast). Coincidentally, I'm not getting any less sporty (although you'd say otherwise when you see me during physical education classes), but I've aged considerably. Passing the threshold of 18 doesn't actually feel much different, but humans will make excuses, and I planned out a whole day of liberal money spending to pamper myself.  (think GAEST, Arteastiq, National Day fireworks and overpriced burger sliders)

Photos taken by me, Shauna, Thalia
H&M (Men) top
The Editor's Market skirt
Shito shoes
Zara bag
Zara, H&M, Lacquar arm candy
Taiwan cap

When patriotism coincides with your birthday. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

289 - Alice in Wonderland

I haven't been active here in almost 3 months - with very good reason? Other than the perennial drowning in perpetual exams and assignments, Runway had me engulfed in work. Passionate and enjoyable work, but not without its own stress and conflicts. Nevertheless, while I work on getting some new photos done (and maybe deciding what to write, because I have spieled at length about my experience on other private journalling platforms), here are some behind the scenes photos I got from the day we went down to Dairy Farm Nature Park to get some photos for our photo book.

I had about 20 mosquito bites to deal with for the next week and a half after.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

288 - Take Five (To Ten)

What a treat, two shoots (can we even count them as proper editorial/photoshoots?) in a row. Not intentional, but Runway had a small performance at Take Five yesterday in Sentosa, and given that some of us made new outfits (See: Thalia's very plain strapless wrap top and light pink double slit skirt; and Sandy's orange dress) and I've been feeling tropical vibes, a few photos.

Not that bad for a 10 minute shoot (with no helping hands again), if I do say so myself. 

Hope everyone managed to catch a breather!

Photography & Editing/ Elizabeth
Models/ Thalia, Sandy
Outfits/ Elizabeth, Sandy
Makeup/ Runway members

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I can't even remember how we tried conceptualizing this shoot and how we came up with the name, but here it is. I personally prefer the Chrome half of this shoot (not just because it's black) because it seems to have a slightly more dramatic, dare I say film-noir kind of feel. The first and last photo of Chrome are arguably my favorites. 

Either way, a good way to spend the last bits of my December holidays catching up with a friend and a valiant attempt to make sure I'm doing something about my interest in fashion. (Since I haven't designed properly in over half a year, whoops.)

Top/ Editor's
Skirt/ Feist Heist
Necklace/ Taobao

Top & Skirt/ H&M
Shoes/ Aldo

Friday, January 17, 2014

286 - Precious Metals

"Black, black, black, gold, gold, black, black, silver, black, black, white."
My closet is easy to describe.

Finally got myself a pair of Supergas during the last week of 2013 as a Christmas present to myself (paid by my parents) and I've been quite glad with them. Another pair of flat shoes to balance out my growing collection of (underused) heels and to give my Nike Frees a break. Sporty chic, depressed chic, depressed sporty, boring black, whatareyouwearing, monochrome practicality.... call it what you want to call it.

And since I finally managed to convince myself and splurge on all the VSCO Cam filters, here's a post with photos edited by the app. Good way to pass the time while travelling.

Maxing out all the leather wristbands in my collection.

Photos taken by Jazell and Dominic
Edited with VSCO Cam
Zara t-shirt; Editor's slit skirt; Superga shoes; Mango gold studded leather wristband, Zara gold plated leather wristband, Lacquar studded leather wristband and spike bracelet; Zara sling bag

Saturday, January 11, 2014

285 - The Grace

Before the holidays ended (and I mean, they really ended - life is a never ending bundle of stress for me right now, and it's only been a week) I managed to drag myself out of bed for my first photoshoot with Thalia. Can't believe it took us so long, but at least it's not bad (one of my favorites in fact, other than the Kleine Zwarte one I did with Sean last year, but then again I do very few proper shoots)

In between a mass of other design-related work I managed to find myself volunteering for, hopefully I'll be able to edit the official photos and get them done by next week. Willow&Chrome - no proper shoot direction, but I think it turned out decent enough.

We actually wanted to go for colorful looks at first, can you believe it? Shivers.

Photos that never really made the cut.

Model/ Thalia
Styling, Photography, Editing/ Elizabeth

Monday, December 30, 2013

284 - Bright Lights, Iron Sights

The story behind these shots: My family had originally planned to head down to town to see the Christmas lights, but in a change of plans (and my father forgetting to bring along my heels and camera), I ended up back home later that night taking the shots in my carpark. 

Reciting my usual line when I'm tired of posing for photos (and getting it right), "There's nothing Photoshop can't fix," I present to you badly photoshopped bright lights (read: bokeh textures) onto grainy night shots. Christmas is the best time of the year.

I wish I had a massive Christmas tree to pose with.

Taobao white blazer; Taobao printed shirt; Editor's shorts; Zara shoes; thescarletroom clutch; Editor's & Taiwan necklaces

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

283 - Hey Sister

This probably makes my fourth time wearing this pair of vintage Burberry culottes, for simple reason that I just find it immensely hard to pair. Still oscillating between labeling it a failure or a semi-success.

Although the fact that these pair of culottes (from the ages of my mother) are still of better quality than certain articles of clothing I'm buying nowadays does brings up the question of The Price Tag (capitalized for dramatic effect). Is it really worth it? The closet life (do you call it shelf life?) is evidently and undoubtedly much longer (perhaps not proportionately, I wouldn't have the time to tell), and if you indulge in classic pieces like these, they may just be worth it.

Then again, with the Burberry print on everything from ripoff bags to picnic mats and foldable umbrellas, I doubt many people really think I'm wearing the real deal. (That's an entirely different ballgame altogether: Does it matter?)

It's hard to un-see the CCTV camera in the corner.

Photos taken by Thalia
Editor's crop pullover; Burberry vintage culottes; Taiwan boots; Taiwan diamante necklace; Taiwan sling bag

Friday, December 6, 2013

282 - Happiest Place on Earth

I will attempt to make up for my long absence with a more traditional, and less than conventional photo of my classmate in Bhutan's national dress, the kira, together with the wonju (the long sleeved white blouse inside) and the toego outside. This exact set-up is also what female students wear to school, with different patterns and colors accounting for different school uniforms. (I'm not sure how they survive through summer, really)

(Do you feel more culturally educated now?)

Hopefully I'll be able to get some proper outfit posts up soon, or at least a few designs (that sounds much more plausible), but I'm hoping my fashion for passion (a phrase so apt, yet leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth from how juvenile it is) will return when I go to Spain and Portugal later this month! Holla, Zara. 

(Also, I find it immensely funny that I'm tagging this post "street style")